Student Property Guide

Student Housing Guide to Living off Campus in Lancaster

Living off the Lancaster University Campus with a group of housemates can be an extremely rewarding and freeing experience, but it also poses several potential problems which can often be difficult to overcome – especially if it’s one of your first times living independently.
To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve decided to compile a few of the key things you should be thinking about when looking to live off campus in Lancaster City Centre.

Finding Housemates

You may feel a bit selfish or fussy for taking the time to consider your housemates, but you have to remember that you’ll be spending the vast majority of a year with them.
The main thing that causes conflict in student houses is differences in lifestyle. It’s important to take a quick look at you, your habits, and your lifestyle whilst searching for potential housemates – things such as how much privacy you like, if you’re into nightlife or not, how messy or tidy you are, or any particular personality traits. Compare these with your potential housemates (and be honest), and consider looking elsewhere if there are too many differences.
One mistake that many people make is moving in with a close friend; it’s important to note that if there is a falling out, it’ll have much more of an impact if you’re living with them.

Booking Viewings

Before you get booking viewing appointments for student housing in Lancaster, think about key things such as how many bedrooms you’ll need, where you want to live, if you want an all inclusive rental package, if you need to be close to public transport…
It’s important to take viewings seriously, and not to settle for a student property that you and our housemates aren’t totally happy with.
Always make an appointment before viewing a student property, and use it as an opportunity to make a good impression and to ask some questions – things like when the student housing will be available, if pets are allowed, if mixed sex groups are allowed, if smokers are allowed…
As for the viewing itself, make sure to take your time, and ask as many questions as you like. If a landlord gets irritated due to ‘too many’ questions being asked, it may be a sign that it’s best to look elsewhere.
Create a checklist concerning the student property’s internal features, external features, and safety – anything from the condition of the furniture, to the presence of a central heating system, to the condition of the roof, to working fire alarms, to the student property having enough sockets to avoid overloading… the list goes on. If you’re finding it difficult to think of things to add to the checklist, round up your housemates and have a good brainstorming session – you’ll have a good list in no time at all.

There’s no rush, But don’t leave it to late to find the best Student Housing In Lancaster

Whatever stage you’re at in searching for an off-campus student housing in Lancaster, remember to never feel pressured into purchasing a property you and your housemates aren’t happy with, and to ask questions as much as possible – be it to existing or past tenants, the landlord, your students…take all the time you need, and try to search for student properties as early as possible to lessen the pressure on yourself. Happy house hunting students!