Luxury Student Studio Flats

What makes a luxury student Studio Flat.

There is a common misconception that one-person student studio apartments are dingy and depressing, but here at Unipad we prove that wrong by offering great style, amazing facilities and several convenient locations throughout Lancaster that let students make the most out of their time at university.

Here’s what sets Unipad – Luxury Student Housing Lancaster aside from other dull and drab studios on the market.

Chic style and furnishings in Unipad Student Studios.

Our prices may be low, but the quality of the interior is far from cheap. Our furnished pads come with everything a student could possibly need, whether you’re accommodating just yourself, or eight additional tenants.

We offer en-suite bathrooms, double bedrooms with lavishly soft beds, your own kitchen, washing machine and a fridge for storing your food. And that’s just the studio bedroom flats.

Most of our flats come with beds that are fitted with special orthopaedic mattresses for extra comfort and support. All our studios and flats are fitted with the latest highly-efficient body jet showers to keep you relaxed, even after the hard day studying. All of our facilities blend together to create a modern chic look for each and every student studio apartment look gorgeous, to help you impress whoever you choose to invite over.

Superfast fibre broadband.

For help with studying, or video-games and Netflix, Unipad student studios come fitted with amazing Wi-Fi and unlimited fibre broadband that can upload and download at incredible speeds.

As well as creating a comfortable atmosphere for you to relax in, Unipad Luxury student studios can just as easily serve as an effective study area, with a desk and chair, plus a highly reliable Internet service that can help you stay on top of assignments. Fibre broadband is super quick and efficient no matter what time of night it is – so don’t worry about having to pull those all-nighters.

Student Studio Flats With Amazing locations.

The biggest plus to your student accommodation is how easy it is to get everywhere. Being at Lancaster University will most likely be the first time you’ve lived away from home, and at your disposal is a new and exciting city full of new opportunities, cool hang-out spots and plenty of fun.

Unipad-Luxury Student Housing Lancaster studios, flats and apartments come with fantastic city centre locations that help keep its tenants in the loop with what’s going on in the city. With a university studio in Lancaster you can make your way to lectures with very little commuting and enjoy the night-life without ordering expensive taxis.

Live in comfort with Unipad as you study.

Unipad offers great options in student studio accommodation in Lancaster, with great links to everything Lancaster has to offer, plus luxurious furnishings, superfast fibre broadband and access to 24-hour maintenance.

Your time at Lancaster University will go by quicker than you think, so make the most of it while you can with a luxury student studio pad at a cost that won’t affect your lifestyle.

To find out more about Unipad’s Luxury student studios in Lancaster, feel free to browse our Properties section to choose from a wide range of amazing pads, or simply call or email us for a no-obligation chat about what Unipad-Student Housing Lancaster can offer you.