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Tips for Finding Student Accommodation

Heading off to Lancaster University is a big step in any young person’s life, and for the vast majority of young people, going off to university is likely to be the first time they will move away from home to find student accommodation of their own.
Unipad Student Housing is going to make the whole process a little less stressful for you by providing some top tips for finding the best choice in luxury student accommodation. And to avoid some of the pitfalls and make finding your first student house, apartment, flat or studio a dream.

For 1st year students, the accommodation choice is easy, Lancaster University encourages first year (Fresher) student to stop on campus in halls, this allows the new student time to adjust themselves to student life and living away from home.

Find the Best Location

Once you have secured your place at Lancaster University; during your first year living on Campus, You need to start getting to know the area. Get to understand the transport links to and from the University to the City centre. Lancaster University is a short commute and located South of the City centre.

While it may seem that popular University Cities like Lancaster are swarming with students, there are still a large number of families and working professionals living in the residential area, who probably won’t have the same interests or needs as you!
Do some research on your University City and try to find out where the student hot-spots are. You don’t want to end up renting out a property in a suburban, family-focused area where your late-night antics will end up causing a rift with your neighbours. Plus you’ll want to be in an area with other students nearby.

Being First Will Get You the Best Choice!

The most common mistake that many students make is leaving their accommodation search for the second year until the very last moment. A lot of students will start booking up places during the first year whilst in halls, so if you have only just started to look for housing a few weeks before the new term starts,,, you’re going to struggle.
At Unipad we recommend that you start looking for your second, third or fourth-year student accommodation from October onwards to avoid any disappointment.

So there you have it, a quick selection of our top tips for finding student accommodation. We hope you found them useful and we wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect student home.

All information sourced and shared by Unipad Student Accommodation Lancaster.

Festive Holiday Checklist

Things to Remember before going home for Christmas.

Book your travel home ASAP.
If you haven’t already sorted out your travel arrangements, make sure you do it now!
If you’re travelling home on the train, remember that the earlier you book your journey, the cheaper the tickets will generally be.
Plan the dates you’ll be travelling and try to be as flexible as possible to avoid any peak travelling times as much as possible. Try and reserve yourself a seat as soon as you have a date in mind. You’ll be most grateful for the seat when you see people resorting to sitting on the floor or suitcase because the train is so overcrowded!
Most train ticket websites like Virgin, National Rail, TransPennine and Northern allow you to book journeys up to 12 weeks ahead – and you can save up to 40% depending on where you’re travelling to and from.

Pre-Book Your Student Travel Tickets
Pre-Book Your Travel Tickets

The same applies if the Stagecoach, Megabus or National Express coaches are more your style, as seating is very limited.

Clear your room of festive decorations.
If you’ve had a tree and decorations up in your student accommodation, as painful as this might sound, you may want to think about taking them down and packing them away just before you head home for the festive holiday.

Student Christmas Tree
The Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree 

You don’t want to come back in late January with the post-Christmas blues, only to discover that you still need to take the tree and decorations down and Hoover all the glitter up.

Be Eco friendly and Don’t waste electricity & water.
Just before you all leave to go home, make sure everything electrical is turned off.
Electricals? Off.
Heating? Off.
Taps? Tightly closed.
And remember, this includes turning things off standby – you might want to unplug everything to be extra sure.

                Turn Electric and Taps off
Switch Off & Turn Off 

You don’t want to come back to a scary utility bills allowance usage when no one has even been at home over Christmas, or suffer that wave of panic where you’re 200 miles away but think you’ve left the iron on.
Also, if you’re living in shared accommodation, get everyone to do the same in their rooms!

Empty the fridge of any perishables and empty kitchen waste bins.
The worst thing you can do is head home for three or four weeks, only to return to milk that’s turned to cheese and the stench of food waste in the kitchen bin. Make sure the fridge is completely empty and the kitchen bins are emptied before you go. You’ll thank us for this later!

Keep Your Fidge a Clean
Give Your Fridge a Festive Clean!

The fridge will absolutely stink if you don’t, so make sure that you use up that student Christmas dinner leftovers before you head home.

Lock up securely.
Make sure all windows and doors are locked. If you’re in shared accommodation, make sure that everything in your room is locked away safely, and that the windows are shut.

Lock up securely
Lock up securely!

If you’re super worried about your items, double-check that you have them covered with some decent contents insurance.
Avoid telling the world via Social Media that you will be going home for Christmas and you’re Flat, Apartment or House will be vacant for any opportunist to pay a visit. You never know who you can trust these days…

Before you leave, Check and Double Check.
Just before you leave to go home, double-check you have all your important little bits and pieces, such as your passport and visa, purse or wallet, mobile phone, train, coach or airline ticket, ect.

Dont Forget Your Passport
Dont Forget Your Passport

It sounds stupid, but you don’t want to get to the airport only to find out you don’t have the documents or tickets to actually go anywhere.
This stuff happens, and if you’ve bought an advance ticket, the odds are that you’ll need to buy a brand new one on the spot which will cost you a fortune.

And Lastly, Remember.
On your return back to your student digs after your well deserved Christmas break, go through your checklist again to ensure you have all you need to take back with you.

Dont Be The One Locked Out
Dont Be The One Locked Out.

You will be surprised on how many students return to their digs late at night to find that they have left the keys to the accommodation miles away at home and cannot get in!

All information sourced and shared by Unipad Student Housing Lancaster.

Lancaster University Campus Tour 28th April 2018

Lancaster Uni Campus Tour

Lancaster University Campus Tours are designed to acquaint you with our friendly campus and show you the facilities available to our students. The tour begins at 10.30am at the Welcome Centre
Current students will take you on a guided tour of the campus, showing you our award winning student accommodation, social venues, library and a lot more besides! The tour finishes at approximately 12.00pm. Please be aware that the route for the campus tour is outdoors and will take place whatever the weather.

If you are interested in the sports facilities at Lancaster you may wish to factor some time into your schedule to take the opportunity to visit our state of the art sports centre, which is located at the entrance to campus. Staff from the Sports Centre will show you the facilities and answer any questions you may have about sport at Lancaster.

You will receive an email approximately 1 week before the event with further information.

Please note that guests accompanying students are not required to register to attend.

Click Here To Register.

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Being a Student at Lancaster University

Planning your arrival at Lancaster University

Like many others you will be “So Excited” to start your course at Lancaster University?
So Unipad Luxury Student Housing Lancaster has put a few key things together to help you get ready before you head-off to Lancaster.
Just follow these simple steps to ensure you are prepared.
1. Pay your fees : Many students arrange for their fees to be financed by Student Finance. Ensure that you have completed and uploaded all your student finance applications in time.
You may be eligible to receive scholarships and bursaries depending on your family income and academic performance.

  • Check whether you are eligible to receive an award
    Check the scholarships and bursaries page, this provides details of eligibility for a variety of funding opportunities as well as their cash value. See whether you are likely to receive a scholarship or bursary.
  • Find out more about how the system works
    Get answers to all your questions at the scholarships and bursaries FAQ page. Topics include applications, eligibility, payments and what happens if your situation changes.
  • Authorise payments
    Find detailed instructions at on how to nominate a bank account to receive payments

2. Arrange accommodation : Before you arrive you will be invited to apply for accommodation on campus for your first year at Lancaster. Undergraduates will also be invited to apply to a college while all postgraduates become Grad College members. Alternatively you might want to consider living off campus in the heart of the City in a Studio, Apartment or House Share with friends.
If you decide to live on Campus for the first year and move off Campus for the second year; To avoid disappointment, be ready to start your hunt for accommodation in late October as this is when all the best private luxury student housing in Lancaster is snapped up.

3. Begin Registration : Registration is the process of becoming an official member of the University. Simply follow the steps.

  • Look out for the University registration email
    Thirty days before the start of your course, the University will send you an email asking you to begin Registration online. A link in the email will take you to webpages where you will:
    • Confirm personal and course details
    • Agree to the rules of the University.
    Make sure to check your junk email folder if you don’t receive this email.
    If you are eligible to vote in local, national or European elections, you will also be given the opportunity to register as a voter.
  • Receive your University Account username, and set your password
    Once you have completed step one, you will:
    • Receive your University Account username – this will be based on your name
    • Be directed to set a password for your University Account
    • Confirm a personal email address if you want to be able to reset your password online.
    Using your University Account username and password you can access University IT services and will be able to get online as soon as you arrive. Please note that some IT services may not be made available to you until after your course start date.
  • Attend your Registration event
    You will complete the Registration in person at your Registration event once you arrive on campus.

4. Plan your journey and what to pack : Whether Lancaster is a short road trip or a long haul flight away, here is all the information you need to pack your suitcases and make your way to Lancaster

  • How to get to Lancaster
    Information on how to get to the University campus is available on the university Maps and Travel page. It includes sections on road, air, rail, bus and cycle travel.
    If you are an international student you can find information about immigration and how to travel between UK airports and campus on the university International webpages.

5. Download iLancaster : The free ‘iLancaster’ app will be an essential companion during your time at Lancaster
iLancaster is available as an app to download for Android and Apple devices. Alternatively, you can access it via a web browser.
In the build up to Welcome Week, iLancaster will contain handy tools for new students including a ‘Prepare for Lancaster’ checklist of things you need to do, a ‘Welcome Guide’ version of this website, and a Welcome Week schedule that you can personalise.
To get access to the full set of services you’ll want as a Lancaster student (including your personal course timetable, and an attendance check-in feature for undergraduates to automatically record your attendance at teaching sessions), log in with your University Account username and password then make sure you select the ‘Student/Staff User’ profile.
If you’ve already been using iLancaster (eg you’re currently using the ‘Visiting Lancaster’ or ‘Future Student’ profile) you’ll have to log out of iLancaster, then log back in with your University Account username and password and select the ‘Student/Staff User’ profile.
You’ll have your University Account username and password once you’ve done the online stage of registration.

Most of All; Make the Most of Your University Lifestyle and Enjoy Your Time Living and Studying in Lancaster.

All information is sourced by and is shared to you by Unipad Student Housing Lancaster.